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.thinking and rethinking color.

born and raised in the beautiful southeast, i have cultivated a lifelong love affair with color.  my paintings are energized by my fascination for the mind's perception of color, and informed by my background in poetry and interior design.  i see each painting as an opportunity to celebrate beauty, explore color relationships, and to learn more and more deeply how to see our lovely world.

my process begins with offering myself permission to play. in order to explore fully paint as a medium,

i challenge myself to get comfortable with being messy.  i trust the process of paint: building layer upon layer

to add history, depth and dynamic. it doesn't look perfect all the time; but if i'm patient enough,

the image always emerges.

working with color affords a rare opportunity to sit in nuance; to experience the beauty available in it, and to let it change me.  here's hoping you'll come along on the journey, and let it change you, too.

i currently live in davidson, north carolina, where my husband and i own a coffee business

and i work as a full time painter and mama to two sparkly barefooted babies.

.find my work.

bee street gallery Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

Art House Charlotte Charlotte, NC

Summit Coffee Davidson, NC

Coffee Farmers Collection

.words of affirmation.

"Tyler explodes the essence of her subjects.  She disarms and peels and picks and twists until the viewer can contemplate, with fresh perspective, whatever is portrayed before them, expansively, rather than reductively--no matter whether the subject is a landscape, an animal, a coffee farmer, or a mood explored in abstract." 

-Eleanor Merrell (QC Exclusive Magazine, July/August, 2019)

"For Tyler, color affords a rare opportunity to 'sit in nuance, to experience the beauty available in it,' and her work challenges others to do the same."  (QC Exclusive, September/October 2019)


"This beautiful piece of art makes the entire apartment and is the first thing people comment on when visiting my home. Tyler is an amazing artist and you will enjoy having her artwork in your home as much as I have!"

-Cameron S. (New York)

"We absolutely love the piece that Tyler made for us! I commissioned Tyler to make a portrait of our dog for my husband's birthday--she was really responsive, made the piece with a pretty short turnaround time, and totally captured our sweet pup perfectly! My husband actually cried when he opened the painting, so it is a huge hit! We have already had several friends compliment us on the piece, so I hope to send more business her way someday soon!" -Maggie K. (Washington DC )

"Tyler was able to bring her subject to life through her painting. She was easy to communicate with and produced the painting in a timely manner. I love the piece she did for me and so does my mom who I gave it to for her birthday."  -Haniya M.  (Davidson, NC)

"Tyler is professional to work with and creates the most beautiful artwork." -Nanci D. (Vienna, VA)

"This painting is a custom piece commissioned for a friend, and it is absolutely PERFECT. Tyler listened to what we were looking for and worked with us to create the absolutely perfect gift for this occasion, and it is so appreciated by us -- and will be by the recipient, too. It's absolutely lovely!"- Pamela M. (Lynchburg, VA)

"I love the picture of my dog! The colors are great!" - Meredith M. (Summerfield, NC)

"Tyler is professional and so talented! Her style and flair is just so unique and lends to a beautiful finished product. We would certainly work with her again and recommend others to her as well." -Elizabeth W.

"Tyler was great to work with. She was timely and professional from start to finish. Plus th fnal product was beautiful and exactly what I envisioned!" - Casey M. (Shaker Heights, OH)

"10 out of 10 -- Because her work is excellent and she delivers in a timely manner!" -Mary Carter D.  (Richmond, VA)

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